Getting the latest products from ProductHunt

Jul 16, 2020

A lot of startups are launching their products everyday, but how can we actually keep track of those? Well there are several websites that are often used by startups to promote their product. One of most used websites is "ProductHunt".

ProductHunt lists new products being launched and allows users to comment / upvote those products. Creating a list of the hottest products at the top. Therefore this is an excellent website to monitor for changes.

To monitor this website, we can easily open up the extension and select the some data points:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Upvotes
  • Category
  • Comments
  • Logo

We then make sure we select the "Daily" monitoring interval, so that we get updated whenever records change:

Once we click finish, the tool will now do its job and provide the extracted results:

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