July 27, 2020 - monitoring

Monitoring 5 Instagram Pages in less than 3 minutes

We just announced our new feature called "Recipes", but how can you get started yourself with this and what are they?

Recipes are pre-created for you to extract certain properties. Just think of the following examples:

  • Gathering the latest URLs from different Instagram profiles
  • Gathering the latest tweets from Twitter for a certain hashtag
  • Gathering the latest update on the Stock Market
  • Gathering the latest news articles for your favorite news website

Just think about a Recipe being able to automatically scrape the Instagram URLs of the latest pictures posted for you, you're able to select a pre-created recipe, fill-in some details and have the selection of properties be done automatically for you! Now let's see this in action.

You will see when loading the Dashboard that a new tab appears named "Recipes". Click on this tab and wait for the navigation to finish.

On the "Recipe" page you will see all the available recipes out there for now (this list is growing! Reach out to us through email / social media (@scraper_ai) for your favorites to be added. Let's select the Instagram recipe for now!

When you have clicked the Instagram recipe, all that's left to do now is to fill in some metadata information such as the name and description, as well as the URLs you wish to extract. Enter these URLs with a ';' between them.

Once this is done, we now need to select which cookies we wish to pass, since it's an authenticated page! But how can we do this?

We tried to make cookie extraction as simple as clicking a button!

We could extract these cookies manually, by clicking the "+ Add" button and adding each cookie manually. But this is time-consuming and difficult to understand.

So we added a "Fetch Cookies" button that allows us to do just this! So feel free to click this one and see the hard work being automated!

"Fetch Cookies" will load up the website (make sure you are logged in before!), fetch the cookies, send them to the platform and allow you to select which cookies to keep! Giving you full control.

Once this is done, you will end up with the result below:

Now click the "Create" button, sit back and relax and check your results after ~1 minute.

When you look at your dashboard, you will see our recipe added, records are now being extracted in the background and will be available shortly.

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