July 16, 2020 - extraction

How I got a list of 2.000 Venture Capitalist Firms

When you're looking for funding, or you're looking to approach a VC it's always interesting to get a list of the different VCs out there. Now sadly enough this is not easy to find, or you need to manually select each record.

After looking a bit on the internet, I found a list of over 2.000 VC firms out there. So let's get started creating our up to date list!

I will name this list "VC - All"which I will update weekly.

Beside updating this list weekly, I also want to select all the records. So I utilize the pagination functionality to do just this!

Finally I put the pagination limit on 30, click Finish and sit back and relax!

The engine will automatically take care of getting the links behind this!

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