September 3, 2020 - extraction

YCombinator - Extracting a list of all the latest companies attending in just 3 minutes.

As a VC you're constantly looking for the latest and best companies you would like to fund! That's why, one of the most interesting days to watch is the "YC demo Day" where the newest batch of YC companies are going to demonstrate what they have achieved over the last few days!

Now normally, your flow would look a bit like this:

  1. Go to a news website (most likely Techcrunch for this)
  2. Go through the article
  3. Copy the details one by one to an excel sheet
  4. Extract some data

But what if there is an easier way? Meet Scraper.AI!

You can now just open your URLs and extract your required data.

Let's see this in action!

We open up the first link:

Where we can now scroll down towards the first interesting company (in our example, CapWay is on top!). Open the Scraper.AI extension and select "Multi" and click on the company name.

You will now see all the company names being highlighted, and we are able to extract those. Do the same for the description! (we want to do analytics on top of this afterwards!). We will end up with something as shown below:

Now for page 2, we could do this entire process again... but we could also just go to our earlier created page and click "Create Similar", which will do this process for us! The only thing we now have to do is fill in the next URL ( and click extract!

When you now click "create", you will get redirect back the main page and see that your Website Recipe contains 2 websites now. Click on it to see all of them in there.


By utilizing the API URL provided, you are then able to reach both Websites through an API, or you can manually go to either of them and download the respective Excel files:

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