December 6, 2020 - monitoring

Checking the availability of NVIDIA and AMD Graphic Cards and CPUs

The new NVIDIA RTX3070, RTX3080 and RTX3090 Graphic cards have just been released, but buying one is going to be an adventure on its own! Currently there is almost no stock, and if there is, Scalpers who monitor these stocks and steal them from you are going to make your life difficult!

But what if you could play a scalper yourself, and only needed 5 minutes to do so?! Well let me introduce a way on how you can easily monitor these websites yourself and get notified when the stock changes!

Let's start off by loading the NVIDIA Website for the Founders Edition card (I used the German website).

With Scraper.AI we can now easily state that we want to extract the price and details, but also put an interval on how frequently we wish to extract information! So open up the extension and select that you wish to "Monitor Data"

The main part will now open up and you will be able to utilize the Single mode to select non-repeating content such as the Price, Image and Title of the graphic card.

Once that is done, just specify the interval you wish to extract the data for and select Finish

Your data is now being extracted and the dashboard will show up with your extracted record!

Based on the interval specified in the extension (or as you can also see in the Schedule section). Your data will now be updated! A Final thing to do however, is to make sure that we get notified of changes! So open up the Notifications section and fill in your email!

Next time data is updated, you will now be notified of any changes through your email!

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